Caulk & Seal tells you everything you need to know right in their name. They’re a company that knows how to get the job done and pride themselves on being the preeminent provider of caulking services to homeowners and contractors throughout Windsor-Essex county. It is an absolute must that I&F Design’s arrangements are to be kept cool so it was a simple choice in who we trusted with making sure our coolers are property sealed. The #WELoveLocal movement aims to showcase local businesses and uplift our community. Today, we are focusing on our friends at Caulk & Seal.

Their philosophy is a clear and concise one: if you’re willing to charge someone for work, you ought to be willing to stand behind it. Caulk & Seal is built on the promise of superior quality and service. The work speaks for itself and we are very pleased to have their assistance in revitalizing our shop.

Spring has just begun and those wonderful sunny days are right around the corner. It’s a good time for your home or business to have a little work done and seal up those troublesome drafty spots. Get in touch with Caulk & Seal today!

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